Dodge Wood Dash Kits The Avenger sedan, officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show as a concept car, returns to showrooms as a model that is set to replace the troubled Stratus. It has arrived, trying to rescue the reputation of Dodge's midsize sedan by adopting the name of the Avenger. The Avenger claimed its competition in interior refinement, performance and value, gaining several positive mentions for its exterior styling and safety. Dodge Avenger low entry price is not an argument for buying the car any more as lots of its competitors are now available at significant discounts due to the automotive industry's recent struggles. This new Avenger won't set up any new rules or standards for the mid-size class but it's an acceptable alternative with an original American accent. The Avenger's aggressive appearance is polarizing, and it anchors the sedan in the bottom half of the affordable midsize car class for exterior.

The 2009 Dodge Avenger is available in three main trims: the base SE, the SXT and the R/T. The SXT is available as either the L package or the M package, which feature different engines. Its suspension does not handle bumps well, and the press is almost unanimous that its electric steering is over boosted and difficult to control. The experts' road test for the 2009 Dodge Avenger includes a full evaluation of the 2009 Dodge Avenger from the inside out. They evaluate not only interior cabin and cargo space for the 2009 Dodge Avenger, but also engine and handling performance. The driving performance is not so cool as everyone may expect. The 2.4-liter engine make the car move reasonably well, but those drivers that are expecting a performance hit from the V-6-powered R/T will be disappointed. At least the six-speed automatic transmission is smooth and fast-reacting, especially in manual mode.

Dodge Wheels & TiresAt first glance, the interior of the 2009 Dodge Avenger is striking in its styling, which is uniquely American. The Avenger's cabin is spacious enough for two six-foot, two-inch occupants to sit one behind the other in comfort. 2009 Dodge Avenger has various interior options, containing a rear-seat entertainment system and hard-drive-based stereo as well as lot of other standard features for its price. But customers consistently complain about cheap, low quality plastics, considerably poor match-and-finish and wide panel gaps. The expensive Dodge Avenger R/T offers some unique trim pieces, but overall the intimation of budget materials remains. For a mid-size sedan, however, the 2009 Dodge Avenger impresses in terms of interior space as it can easily hit its capacity claim of five adults, thanks to the generous headroom and legroom measurements, and the trunk is sized well. Up front, the seats are comfortable and upright, making for a pleasant seating environment.

Dodge Avenger 2009 gained very good crash test mark from the federal government. In frontal-impact tests it has got five stars for protecting both driver and passenger and in side-impact tests it has got five stars for driver protection and four stars for the rear seat passenger. Six airbags come as a standard, including head curtain airbags. STX and R/T Avenger models come with four-wheel anti-lock brakes and have an option to add electronic and stability controls.

Dodge InteriorIn spite of all shortages customers still want to have that ride in their garages for the true American spirit, Dodge is carrying through the decades. The appearance of the true muscle car inspires people to involve great amount of cash to fix the lacks both in esthetic equipment and performance. Cheap inside materials are substituted by expensive leather, high quality wood dash kits and chrome accessories. Performance is upgraded by turbochargers, reliable suspension and transmission. Dodge Avenger Accessories include thousands of items both for exterior and interior upgrade. Rear spoilers, giovanna black wheels, billet grills will create a new appearance for Dodge Avenger, winking away cheap car accessories of the present day automotive market. Just imagine how your Avenger will be noticed after installation lambo doors and sport body styling kit. Using performance chips will make the car move faster and increase its fuel efficiency. To say the truth every car has disadvantages but if you really fell in love with it, shortages won't be noticed but the benefits will be doubled. Pimp your Avenger the way you like.