Andrew's 1996 Dodge Avenger Revenge

1996 Dodge Avenger Revenge by Andrew

Vehicle Intro:

Just last month I've wrecked my baby and the kit that is shown in the picture is no longer alive. The avenger is getting a whole new make over, everything that was on is coming off; and everything that is not on is getting put on. When something dies it doesn't neccessary have to be your end. We as humans have became stronger and more wiser as we learn and adapt to situations that we encounter throughtout our life. When something dies it allows room for something else to grow; which in turn you can find to be more effective and more stronger than their previous ancestor.

List Of Dodge Accessories:


  • - Blitz Body Kit;
  • - ADR Wheels;
  • - StreetGlow Lighting;


  • - APC Seats;
  • - OBX Gauges;


  • - MTX Audio Subwoofers;
  • - Clarion Speakers;
  • - Rockford Fosgate Amplifier;
  • - Sony Head Unit;


  • - Mopar Springs;
  • - KYB Shocks;
  • - Nitto Tires;
  • - APC Intake;

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